Bringing you beautiful fabric to crown yourself for over 20 years.
We specialize in popular turban and chuni choices for the Kundalini Yoga and Sikh communities throughout the world.
With imported and exported white selections as well as colorful and sparkle turbans, we are a retail and wholesale turban provider as well as the largest turban provider at Summer and Winter Solstice.
Contact us with all your turban needs.


Jaskaran Singh

Born in Punjab, India and lived in a village near Jalandhar. He studied Sikh History and Punjabi, receiving a Master of Arts Degree from Guru Nanak Dev University. Married in 2014 to Harbhajan and became Papa to her son, they now share a daughter as well. Jaskaran owns a trucking business with his friend and fellow recent immigrant. He drives a big rig truck during the week, spends weekends with his family and enjoys Winter and Summer Solstice each year. Stop by the Turban Outfitters booth to have a custom turban tied just for you. He loves to share Sikh and Punjabi history and meet new friends.



Harbhajan Kaur

Born in Pennsylvania and studied at Catholic schools, has lived in 7 states and 3 countries. Studied Architectural Building Engineering Technology and recently received a Master of Science Degree in Construction Management. She has two children and enjoys sharing her love of nature and vegetarian cuisine with them. She works from home for a National Laboratory as a mechanical designer for a particle accelerator facility. She became a Sikh as an adult and enjoys learning Gurmukhi, reading Siri Guru Granth Sahib and singing shabads. If you call, email or order from Turban Outfitters, you will be in touch with Harbhajan who will treat you with the kindness she is known for.

"Crown Yourself"